Why the Spread the Word campaign matters

I recently came across an amazing charity called Spread the Word, who work to improve access to literature for homeless people in the UK. They build libraries in homeless shelters and encourage people living on the streets to read.

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Drawing a blank: In search of the Tate Modern’s blank canvases

It’s hard nowadays to mention the words “modern” and “art” without someone laughing through their nose. I’ve heard all kinds of dismissals of abstract modern art, from “I wouldn’t hang that on my wall” to “a child could do that,” but my all-time favourite has to be something a friend said to me the other day: “half of them are just blank canvases!”

Really? Blank canvases? I’m no art expert, but I knew this couldn’t be true. Was it possible that more than one artist has made the same quasi-philosophical point, each smugly hanging blank canvases in modern art galleries like a group of Halloween party-goers all turning up as a pumpkin? Continue reading “Drawing a blank: In search of the Tate Modern’s blank canvases”

The Pen-and-Ink Borges — Stephen Walters’ Anthropocene Exhibition

I recently caught the last weekend of Stephen Walters’ Anthropocene exhibition at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, on a sweltering July day. I’ve been a map nerd for a long time, and I first saw Walters’ work on the BBC4 documentary The Beauty of Maps, which is the best programme ever made about maps ever. When I saw that he had an exhibition running in London, I made sure to get there before it closed, and frankly I was blown away.

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