Thanks everyone for a brilliant Reddit AMA

I did a Reddit AMA over this weekend, and it was a brilliant experience. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s sort of like getting interviewed by hundreds of people all at once. The positivity and curiosity I received were quite overwhelming.

Some of the more suspect questions included ‘what appendage would you lose?’; ‘are you single?’ and ‘what’s that thing in the corner?’ – but others asked about the research required to write River of Ink, about how they can balance writing with the exigencies of daily life, and the best ways to construct plots and characters.

I want to break down a few of the most common and interesting questions into short blog posts over the next couple of weeks, but until then I’ll just use this as a holding page to link to the AMA itself.

To everyone involved, thanks so much for making it such a great event!

Go read it for yourself here!


2 thoughts on “Thanks everyone for a brilliant Reddit AMA”

  1. I am just a simple Australian lawyer who has had a commensurately simple exposure to the wonderful texts which have inspired the wonderful River of Ink. Thank you so much Paul. It is a truly lovely book


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