Tim Leach – a new book and a new blog


The creative writing degree at the University of Warwick ends its third year with a dissertation-style 12,000 word creative piece. To help us out, the University brought back an old MA student, Tim Leach, to offer critique and advice. He’s a great guy, sincere and full of passion. He was also the one to turn me on to Atlantis Books.

I was excited to find out he’s got a book coming out in Spring 2013: Croesus – The Last King of Lydia. It was picked up by Ravi Mirchandani over at Atlantic Books, who called it ‘an exhilaratingly confident first novel’. It sounds pretty ossm.

Inspired by the writings of Herodotus, this book is a fictionalised retelling of the story of Croesus, the half historic, half mythic king whose rise and incredible fall from power shook the ancient world.

Yeah, I’m on board already. He’s started blogging about his burgeoning career – meetings with agents, a sample of the query letter that landed him an agent, and why the Paris Review is like crack. His blog is very much worth a read for aspiring writers and history buffs alike, and I’m looking forward to reading his book when it comes out.


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